Sketch With Me

Sketch With Me Hey girls & guys Today post is going to be about sketching, as you can tell from the title. I still sketch with a pencil then I trace over it with a pen. The concept of the drawing I got from a show I was watching ( I honestly do not remember... Continue Reading →

100 Pages Of Art Journaling

Art Journal Often times I like to look at my old sketchbooks to see my progress over the years. Looking through them I noticed that my drawings are good but my sketchbook is pretty boring and basic. With any of my sketchbooks I do not use a particular sketchbook for one theme like one book... Continue Reading →

Untitled #71

Untitled #71 by celineconward featuring fishnet socksFrench Connection fishnet socksusa.frenchconnection.comHoliday pajamasprettylittlething.usMissguided tech

all black everything

all black everything by celineconward featuring super skinny jeansAlexander McQueen rose shirtmatchesfashion.comDistressed leather jacketmsftsrep.comSuper skinny jeanszalando.seYves Saint Laurent black boots$1,820 - ysl.comPuma backpack bag$50 - shopbop.comDiamond jewelrycartier.comOscar de la Renta tassel earringsmarissacollections.comCustom Tattoo Art, Voice Art Tattoo Design, Heartbeat Tattoo,

Doodle With Me

drawing is part of my creativity. I started off drawing by tracing pictures from my computer screen, I would look up cartoons images on Google trace them, then I would color them in. I remember tracing The Simpsons a lot, I loved, loved, loved The Simpsons when I was growing up that was my favorite... Continue Reading →

dream journalย 

Hey guys & girls  For the past 6 to 5 months I have been watching videos about my birth sign (Capricorn). In one of the readings the lady said that we (Capricorn) should keep a dream journal. At first I ingored everything she said until this morning. For the longest time I have not had... Continue Reading →

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