✨clear skin tips✨

Use ST. Ives face soap ( Only use face soap that is made for your face you can use any )

invest in one of these

I got mine from CVS for around $20, I use it once a month, try not to use it to much you can harm your skin

If you don’t want to spend money it’s ok you can use your wash cloth

After you wash your face use simple face lotion ( AND ONLY USE FACE LOTION)

After that use a face towel not the towel you use for your body but a face towel ….

……you nasty

Things to consider✨
• eat yogurt
• eat more fruit
• Vitamin D
• wash your pillow case every week
• drink less soda & more water

If your going to drink soda at least make sure your consuming more water than soda. Drink as much water as your body can consume.

Having an artist block? drawing a picture that is not turning out the way you would like? here are four tips that can help you.


Tip # 1 Doodle

Doodle example

Start of by doodling, lets say you have the urge to draw something  but not sure what to draw? Try doodling before you draw. It does not need to be super perfect, doodling is just another way to help get your mind going.

  1. Cut out a small sheet of paper
  2. Get a pen or pencil
  3. Start drawing


Sketching example

Tip # 2 Sketching

If you have an idea in you head but not sure how to draw out your idea? Sketch your idea. Sketching can help your vision come to life, figure out how much detail to add. Sketch by Using a pencil, trace over it with a pen, color it in.

Hat Theme
Drawing with a hat theme example

Tip # 3 Drawing with a theme

From the title it is self explained a theme can be anything like

  1. Candy
  2. Forest
  3. Water
  4. City
  5. Hearts

The list goes on. Another theme could be different shades of pink, blues, reds, greens, etc. themes can help generate ideas for you and can also help the viewer understand what you are showcasing.


Free drawing example


Tip # 4 free drawing

Anybody can free draw. For example when you are in class and the teacher says to draw the first thing that comes to your mind. The first thing that may come to your mind is a house sitting on a hill, next to a tree, with sun the in sky,with a blue sky, or a rose. you can use anything to free draw like (pen, pencil, marker, paint brush, color pencil, crayon).

Always remember Be yourself when you draw what makes a good artist is it coming from your perspective. What make a bad drawing is recreating another artist art work your drawing  may not come out like the another artist art work. Why? That artist had a certain perspective and way they saw things your perspective is not the same as theirs. Your perspective and the way you feel is what separates you from everyone else.  


Did i miss anything? or want to add something? comment down below i would love to hear your thoughts and Suggestions.