✨clear skin tips✨

Use ST. Ives face soap ( Only use face soap that is made for your face you can use any )

invest in one of these

I got mine from CVS for around $20, I use it once a month, try not to use it to much you can harm your skin

If you don’t want to spend money it’s ok you can use your wash cloth

After you wash your face use simple face lotion ( AND ONLY USE FACE LOTION)

After that use a face towel not the towel you use for your body but a face towel ….

……you nasty

Things to consider✨
• eat yogurt
• eat more fruit
• Vitamin D
• wash your pillow case every week
• drink less soda & more water

If your going to drink soda at least make sure your consuming more water than soda. Drink as much water as your body can consume.