Horoscope lucky days for the month of october

This month I wanted to do something that had to do with Horoscopes, My birth sign is Capricorn. Every now an then I get curious about my Birth sign, what they predictions have about my future , If I am going to have a good day bad day, etc. So I downloaded a app called Horoscopes Android Iphone  I had this for quiet some time for about a year. The app will provide you with daily notifications giving you what I consider predictions about your day, month and week. Its shocking to me that they come right every time.  yesterday I was on Tumblr  were I came across a post about lucky numbers for the month of october for all Horoscopes. So I googled lucky numbers for my birth sign..Capricorn I came across this website CalendarLabs.com

Screen shot 2017-10-01 at 5.31.17 PM

As you can see above you can change the month and sign I of course pick the month of october and chose Capricorn.

Screen shot 2017-10-01 at 5.30.09 PM

The calendar looks like this

  • the ❤️ represents your “love”
  • The 🛩️ represents “travel”
  • The 💸 represents “money”
  • The 🤒 represents ” health” the plus sign
  • The 📈 represents ” career”
  • The 🔅 represents “luck”

Love life

Love life does not just mean dating someone it also could mean your relationship with a family member or a friend.


Traveling could mean going to the mall, store, family member house, traveling for two hour to a random place who knows.


which looks amazing by the way


I will make a seprate post


I have been looking for a part time job and last week I got bad news but today I got a phone from a job out of no where which by the way I did not even apply for I am not even sure how they even got my application which I think is just luck on top of that I have a job interview tomorrow which is also amazing so, far I find this calendar accurate.


Looking for to seeing my luck but also scared if I ruined it.

So for the rest of the month of October I will do daily updates about how accurate the calendar is, my opinons and reviews.