Self Care


hey girls,

so self care has been a huge trend and I want to be apart of that wave. so here is my self care routine❤️.

my morning routine and my night routine are just pretty much the same. Side note  you’ll be surprised at how many people who do not do the same

routine in the morning for the night, also comment down below your night and morning routine or if your night routine is the same morning and at night.


 The very first thing I do is take a shower. I like to use “Dove” soap or “ST Ives”I have very soft and oily skin so these two products work best for me. I do have  not a particular scent I just used what smells good to me. you can get these two products at and local store.

Face Soap ✨

while in the shower after I wash up my body, I do not! wash my face with body soap. so I use face soap I love!, love!, love! ST Ives face soap, I personally use Apricot scrub, avocado scrub.I also like to use Simple face soap as well, These products work best for my skin.



when it comes to face lotion and body lotion I use dove, ST Ives and Simple face lotion, I do not like to use body lotion for my face. Prefer to use lotion that is made for my face.

Twisting Hair✨

After I dry off lotion up I then twist my hair. I only use one product and one product only when I am twisting my hair I use Shea Moisture to wash my hair but I do not use it to twist my hair as much anymore. I now use coconut oil which you can get from your local store which should be located in your oil section.


Untwisting my hair✨

To untwist my hair I use The coconut oil to and rub it in my hair before I untwist it, then I of course untwist my hair.

After I complete all of these steps I brush my teeth, put on some chapstick on and then I am done.

hope you enjoyed my self care tips and ideas❤️.






Thinking about your future?|What characteristics do you look for in a guy or girl?

Hey guys and girls!

yesterday I was in the shower and as I was in the shower I randomly started thinking about my future.

I was thinking about my future children, my future husband. I have always wanted to have twins, when I was younger I saw signs of twins. I know that it is wired to hear “signs of” to some people it probably makes no sense but when I think about kids I always felt like I would have twins, like deep down I feel like I will have twins, back in elementary school I do not know if anyone else group of friends did this but we use to have conversations about having kids…… lol Some would say ” I want to have boy” or ” I want a girl” in that moment In my head I would think about twins but for whatever reason I never said it. so I would just say what everyone else says…..”boy and girl”. In my family there are four girls ( including me there would be four girls I am the fourth)  my first sister had a boy, my second sister had a boy, then they ended up getting pregnant around the same time. My first sister had a boy the second had a girl, this leaves my first sister with two boys, the second sister with a boy and a girl then later on my third sister had a boy.  I told you guys this because I feel like I can be the one who breaks the ice and still the crown by having twins lol I feel like I can really stand out. I am the youngest sister so It is my job the be the princess.

Now to mystery guy you know the guy you wish to fall in with and have kids with and him to have all the characteristic you would want him to have. We all know that something like that would never exactly happen. The guy you are made to be with may not have all the characteristic you wish him to have. A question popped up in my head

” What three characteristics you want him to have”

  1. My overall characteristic about myself would be my creativity. Everything I do revolves around being creative ( drawing, decor, clothing, photography, filming, editing, etc) I would like him to be creative. If he is not creative I do not see us lasting we wont having anything in common…how would we connect, how would we vibe. I would want someone who I can bounce off of were we can inspire each other.
  2. I want someone who has Self control someone who can control his emotions. Not perfect self control but control to a good extent. The number one thing you learn as you are growing up is self control I am 20 years and by this point 9 ( however old you are ) he does not have some type of self control he is most definitely not worth your time. Dating someone with no self control is like dating a child I would not want to date a child.
  3. He needs Confidence.
  4. I have always knew what I wanted in life or in general I feel as so he should Know what he wants in life or have an Idea. Show me that you have a plan and you are not doing things just to get by but because you love to do it and that you do those things with a purpose.

I listed 4 things but I do not think I ask for to much. everyone should have characteristic that they look for in a guy. Tell me if I am asking for to much also tell me what you look for in a guy what characteristic do you look for.

New page layout?!?!

Hi Guys & Girls!!!!

today is my off day, I am so use to having to wake up at Six in the morning that I woke up at Six and I have been awake ever sense. I find it funny that when I have to wake I can’t but when it is not necessary I can wake up….wired. From Six to around 10 I have been in and out of sleep one minute I am awake the next I am sleeping type of thing.  Until finally I was able to get up, I ate breakfast for the very first time in months. I am one of those people can not eat until Eleven but today I ate Ten.

I then started to wash my bedding ( sheets, blankets,etc) while those were washing I folded cloths that I wash on saturday that I was too lazy to put away ( I left my dirty cloths on the floor) so I did that as I watched Netflix. After that I steamed and sprayed my bed witch I do monthly. I live in a apartment were I share a washer and dryer with my neighbors that live in my building, I do not know there living conditions and I do not want bed bugs so I spray and steam my bed.

I usually wait three hours before I put my sheets and stuff on my bed so while I was waiting for that to do its thing.. I sent out a few tweets, changed my blog layout I FINALLY got my blog layout to look similar to my Tumblr ( click here or see down below) layout I just can not get the border around my post black but that is ok I can deal.

Screen shot 2017-12-07 at 2.12.35 PM

My blog Screen shot 2017-12-07 at 2.12.28 PM

and that is pretty much all I did and have been doing majority of my day. I hope all of your are having a good day I will talk to you guys later.


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The truth about my blog


Where did EXTINCT come from


If I had to chose a word that decribes me it would be Extinct. Finding someone who is like minded is hard to come across. meaning someone who is “Classy”, Always says smart remarks, Sarcastic , Very funny when in good mood, worries too much, Always says excatly what she means, Hates drama, Sick of people’s bullshit. When I do come across someone who I feel I can relate to, talk to I  either find out they were not being them selfs or they are trying to be something they are not. Granted I have friends who are like minded who share the same views as me, Share the same interest, Etc, Etc. In highschool I had a whole group of friends who were like minded we took up the entire school halway. Of course things happen some moved or gradurated, some people changed, keeping some old friends I also got new friends …we all gradurated life happened which drove people in differnt directions So I so found myself with 3 friends who I perfer to be with becuase they are like minded plus I known them for a long time. There are times I wish I had more friends, its not that I can not just go out and make friends I can I just chose not to… I am the type who choses to stay out of drama then be in it. I rather find a way around it then go into something knowing that there would be drama. I know not everyone is going to think just like me or even act like me. But you and I are in control of what happens in our lives and thats what I chose to do not everyone is going to understand you and I …and im just fine with that.

Screen shot 2017-10-06 at 3.46.44 PMWhich is why I find my type of female to be extinct.

Sure of her self. Knows what she likes. What she does not like. Confident. Takes her word over anyone elses. Creative. Loving. Caring. Only does things with meaning. Style ish. Tall. Skinny. Dark skin. Afro. Beatiful. Natural. Funny. Shy. Self love. and so much more. 

Why did I start Blogging

I started my frist blog on Tumblr I do not remeber the name of my first blog but it was very cringy……….very.  I was in middle school when I made the blog it was a “Fashion blog” I say “”  becuase it was more of me just posting photos then.. I do not even know lol. The photos I was posting were not even mine or even of me but I can say I did get alot of traffic to my “blog” I was getting alot of followers. I was on summer vacation so I was posting every second of the day. When summer vacation ended and school started I became inactive. years went by and that blog was a ghost town, I stopped posting on it until maybe junior year, I always kept tumblr app on my phone but I never really used it. Until my junior year I then redesgined my layout it was no long a “fashion blog”  instead I treated it as a reaguarly account I rebloged differnt type of photos. During that time I was becoming my own person developing a my own style, playing around with different themes trying to find what I like. I am very talented in mainly felds when it comes to art wether it be drawing, painting, decorating, writing, and more. I gradurated high school knowing that I wanted to major in Grahpic Desgin but after college I was not sure what I wanted to do I like to have the choice to be able to draw for some days write for others days but I also did not want to work for someone I wanted to be my own boss so thought why not blog again. It will be what I feel, I will be able to help someone is just like, conect with someone like me plus this time actully take it seriously…lol. Which is why I started this blog I have so many ideas for this blog and so many directions I want to this blog to go I can not wait to share.


I am still trying to figure out a good posting schdule and what day I would post certain content bare with me.


Always feel free to give you suggestions on topics to post I am open to hearing and doing them.