Come see what songs are on my playlist

I have some lit songs but most are chill songs here is my short playlist.
Design (16)🎶 entire CTLR album

Design (17).png🎶”Rake It Up” 

Design (18).png🎶 NightRide mixtape / album

Design (19)🎶”Loyalty”

Design (20)🎶 ” CatchMe Outside”

Design (21).png🎶 “Humble”

Design (22).png

🎶”Bodak Yellow”

Design (23).png🎶 “Drowning”

Design (25).png🎶”Ridin”

Design (26).png🎶 “Bum Bum”

Design (27).png all of them 🎶


What’s on your playlist let me know down below.