I did not film myself doing the color swatching, I kinda felt like it was not really needed ( but if you love me to i will ☺️) but I took pictures!

For the ones who do not know what color swatching is, when you take like a template or just a blank piece of paper and you mix different colors together to figure a color scheme for your drawing or painting, etc.

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for this instance I did my drawing digital, so I did the drawing on my phone using adobe draw. I did the drawing in Black & White(as above). I then saved the drawing, and inserted it into to word ( you can use anything) I made the picture in a tile format and printed out the picture. I got this idea from a artist on youtube, it was like a light bulb went off when I saw that, I never thought to do that.

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Of course after I printed it out I grabbed my prismacolor pencils i started swatching using the picture above.

Usually when i color swatch i grab one color …meaning I will use different shades of green,etc. I kept the all the skin color the same I like to stick to my skin tone.

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I find drawing the image on my phone and printing it helps make the draw a lot more crisp and clean and better looking. Also helps me so I won’t mess up on the image which is very heartbreaking I find doing this method makes this a whole lot easier. Another method you can do is draw the image on your sketchbook, take a picture of it, then what ever you use redraw the image and then print it.

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Artist who were ignored in high school

In high school some students know what they want to do in life others go into high school and figure out what they want to major in, and some do not know even after. For me when I knew what I wanted to major in when I was in elementary school. I always had a passion for art, I of course changed the type of art that I wanted to do but I still knew what I wanted to do. I remember in junior year we were starting the application process for college ( looking up colleges) I recall going to my college adviser at that time, asking her if she knew any arts school or if she had a list of art schools. Mindful I previously already look at schools  but I was not one hundred percent sure so I turned to a professional that the school presented me with ( using my resources ). She told me she did not know anything about art schools it was not something she ever looked into. I just want to know……..why, why is not something you have looked into. My school was a technology school plus they were the only school that offered medical classes. I remember the only focus was on ROTC, medical, science, the basic typical studies, but never art. So she only paid attention to the colleges that fall under those categories. I am not sure why she only paid attention to students who fall under those categories, the whole point of a college adviser is to help students to find colleges to suit their interest. I do not understand what is the point to have college adviser if they do not have look into college that cover different type of majors. Not every student wants to major in in the same category, I understand that the percentage of art majors is small but that does not mean ignore them, we are just as important. I never said anything than because I honestly did not have a voice then I was also shocked at her response. I do not know about any other schools but, I hope other college advisers are helping art majors find a school.

100 Pages Of Art Journaling

Art Journal

Often times I like to look at my old sketchbooks to see my progress over the years. Looking through them I noticed that my drawings are good but my sketchbook is pretty boring and basic. With any of my sketchbooks I do not use a particular sketchbook for one theme like one book for doodles, fashion, typography,etc whatever I was feeling that day is what I put in my sketchbook. Which can appear messy and all over the place. Which is not something I would not want to show off to someone or use as a portfolio.

This year I want to get better and more confident when it comes to my art. This is where art Journaling comes in, I know what art Journaling is but it was never something that crossed my mind to do. I was recently watching YouTube videos and come across videos of artist showing their sketchbooks or making their sketchbooks then it downed on me to make a art journal…..anyways lol I thought of the idea of a whole year of art Journaling even though it’s February starting March 1st up until March of 2019 I will be be doing weekly, sometimes daily videos of page drawings in my art Journaling basically building my journal together.

But first thing first we have to start with the basics. The meaning for the ones who do not know what a art journal is.

Art Journal- An art diary, art journal or visual journal is daily journal kept by artist. Often containing both words and sketches and occasionally including mixed media elements such as collages.

There is no perfect way to explain it, all you do is pick theme any theme. The theme that I am doing for this journal is portraits, I want to get better at doing portraits, so this entire book is going to be about portraits, lettering and some collages.


Having an artist block? drawing a picture that is not turning out the way you would like? here are four tips that can help you.


Tip # 1 Doodle

Doodle example

Start of by doodling, lets say you have the urge to draw something  but not sure what to draw? Try doodling before you draw. It does not need to be super perfect, doodling is just another way to help get your mind going.

  1. Cut out a small sheet of paper
  2. Get a pen or pencil
  3. Start drawing


Sketching example

Tip # 2 Sketching

If you have an idea in you head but not sure how to draw out your idea? Sketch your idea. Sketching can help your vision come to life, figure out how much detail to add. Sketch by Using a pencil, trace over it with a pen, color it in.

Hat Theme
Drawing with a hat theme example

Tip # 3 Drawing with a theme

From the title it is self explained a theme can be anything like

  1. Candy
  2. Forest
  3. Water
  4. City
  5. Hearts

The list goes on. Another theme could be different shades of pink, blues, reds, greens, etc. themes can help generate ideas for you and can also help the viewer understand what you are showcasing.


Free drawing example


Tip # 4 free drawing

Anybody can free draw. For example when you are in class and the teacher says to draw the first thing that comes to your mind. The first thing that may come to your mind is a house sitting on a hill, next to a tree, with sun the in sky,with a blue sky, or a rose. you can use anything to free draw like (pen, pencil, marker, paint brush, color pencil, crayon).

Always remember Be yourself when you draw what makes a good artist is it coming from your perspective. What make a bad drawing is recreating another artist art work your drawing  may not come out like the another artist art work. Why? That artist had a certain perspective and way they saw things your perspective is not the same as theirs. Your perspective and the way you feel is what separates you from everyone else.  


Did i miss anything? or want to add something? comment down below i would love to hear your thoughts and Suggestions.