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Hey! Guys & Girls I want to make a segament where I share the things I buy like clothes , hair products, room decor, etc I post about it. Today I am going to share with you the shoes I recently purchased, I purchased two pairs of pumas Puma Suede Heart Satin II Sneaker Puma... Continue Reading →


I'm so upset I retyped a post make look nice add more things to it. I made a new tab and some how everything I typed got deleted...... Thanks WordPress. So there will be a delay in posting 

Untitled #69

Untitled #69 by celineconward featuring cropped shirtsCropped shirtgamiss.comJeanszalando.seCurrent Mood laced up bootsdollskill.comRucksack aus Velours 29,


Simple by celineconward featuring a white crewneck sweatshirtMiss Selfridge white crewneck sweatshirtmissselfridge.comTopshop knee length a line skirttopshop.comAdidas black white

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