Self Care


hey girls,

so self care has been a huge trend and I want to be apart of that wave. so here is my self care routine❤️.

my morning routine and my night routine are just pretty much the same. Side note  you’ll be surprised at how many people who do not do the same

routine in the morning for the night, also comment down below your night and morning routine or if your night routine is the same morning and at night.


 The very first thing I do is take a shower. I like to use “Dove” soap or “ST Ives”I have very soft and oily skin so these two products work best for me. I do have  not a particular scent I just used what smells good to me. you can get these two products at and local store.

Face Soap ✨

while in the shower after I wash up my body, I do not! wash my face with body soap. so I use face soap I love!, love!, love! ST Ives face soap, I personally use Apricot scrub, avocado scrub.I also like to use Simple face soap as well, These products work best for my skin.



when it comes to face lotion and body lotion I use dove, ST Ives and Simple face lotion, I do not like to use body lotion for my face. Prefer to use lotion that is made for my face.

Twisting Hair✨

After I dry off lotion up I then twist my hair. I only use one product and one product only when I am twisting my hair I use Shea Moisture to wash my hair but I do not use it to twist my hair as much anymore. I now use coconut oil which you can get from your local store which should be located in your oil section.


Untwisting my hair✨

To untwist my hair I use The coconut oil to and rub it in my hair before I untwist it, then I of course untwist my hair.

After I complete all of these steps I brush my teeth, put on some chapstick on and then I am done.

hope you enjoyed my self care tips and ideas❤️.






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