Sketch With Me

Sketch With Me

Hey girls & guys

Today post is going to be about sketching, as you can tell from the title. I still sketch with a pencil then I trace over it with a pen. The concept of the drawing I got from a show I was watching ( I honestly do not remember what show or movie I was watching) the show was futuristic which gave me the idea of a female alien. I like to start off with the eyes. From there I figured out how I want the face shape to look, added ears, mouth then the nose, eyebrows than hair. After I finished the basics I then add details. On her cheeks I added semi thick bars lines that stop at the crease of her mouth. I put dots that form patterns around her face. I also added a eye mask around her eyes. For her I made two puff balls.

After I finished sketching I always try to trace the drawing on sketch paper just in case I ever want to sell it or something. During the time I did this drawing all my pens and markers were running out so I could not complete the drawing. One day I would stay tuned. But I became a big fan of the eye area so traced just the eyes and decided to do a drawing of just the eyes. Witch is where I got the concept for this drawing.

Click the video to see

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