Doodle With Me

drawing is part of my creativity. I started off drawing by tracing pictures from my computer screen, I would look up cartoons images on Google trace them, then I would color them in. I remember tracing The Simpsons a lot, I loved, loved, loved The Simpsons when I was growing up that was my favorite show for the longest time. It was Homer and Bart that I used to trace. I used to take the paper out of the printer and use it to draw. I would place the paper against the computer screen and take my pencil and trace the character then I would color it in. I traced for a little while I don’t remember my age but I was in elementary school when I use to do this. After months of tracing I wanted to be able to look at the images be able to draw what I saw. So instead of tracing them I practiced looking at the image and drawing what I saw. I did this until I got good at it, by this time I was in middle school. I now wanted to be able to take a images and remix it into my own, still redraw the image but in the way that I see them in my head. A year or two later I am now in high school at this point I was able to drawing whatever character or object that came to my head, would draw a lot of monsters..very colorful monsters. Monsters were my go to when it came to drawing, they came easy to me I feel like everyone who draws at one point drew monsters either they started off or have some connection with monsters.

portraits…portraits..portraits..portraits are my worse emey I was never that good at doing portraits. What stops me from being bad at them in my opinion is the nose, are the hardest part of a face for me. I just recently discovered a way of making a nose that would not come easy for me but look right to me. I like doing patterns and drawing monsters and aliens. Now to this present day I wanna get better at doing portraits, So I bought a new sketch book that I want to use strictly for portraits. I also thought it would be a good idea to have sketchbooks with a theme, I usually have on sketchbook and every page would be something random. I thought I would show my journey.

come Sketch with me.

this my first portrait! in this sketchbook I do not really like to draw portraits they never come out how I Invision them to but I did pretty good with this one. This drawing I got inspired by a picture of me. First I sketched it out with pencil it took me about 3 to 4 weeks to do this, I would sketch bits and pieces of it at a time. I did not want to rush this drawing so I took my time with it. After weeks of erasing, adding and changing the image I finally came up with a sketch that I liked.

I traced over the pencil with Pigma Micron pens (0005,05,01,02,brush) I used 01 and 02 to trace the eyes and the inner ear, I used 05 to outline the mask and the neck, the brush I used for the thick hair streaks, I then used 0005 the thin hair streaks and to trace the outline of the entire head.

I used Prismacolor pencils ( Dark Brown, Sienna Brown) dark brown for the outline sienna to fill.


I did not have blue hair in the picture, I just love blue hair so I added it in, I had blue hair a few times.

I used Prismacolor ( True Blue, Light Cerulean Blue). True Blue ( dark blue) I used along the outline of the hair and also in the center. I then used Light Cerulean blue ( the light blue) I used to cover majority of the hair.

I got the yellow mask idea from a snap chat filter, it was a bear it was pink and the other bear filter was black. I love the color yellow so I made the mask yellow.

I used Prismacolor ( goldenrod, spanish) Goldenrod I used on the outline of the mask, I then used it in the center as well. Spanish Orange I used to go over and fill in the rest of the mask.

I added the pink hair mainly because I thought it would be cute.

I used Prismacolor ( peach, pink) I used peach to outline and ad a little in the center and I used pink to color in the rest.

I put together a video for you guys check it out

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