dream journal 

Hey guys & girls 

For the past 6 to 5 months I have been watching videos about my birth sign (Capricorn). In one of the readings the lady said that we (Capricorn) should keep a dream journal. At first I ingored everything she said until this morning. For the longest time I have not had any dreams. But last night I had two dreams, I remember her saying that my dreams will give me a glimpse of my future something along those lines and that I should pay attention to them. I must add in I do go to church so I understand had sign from spirits work witch is why I believe things like this since real.The mintue I woke up started writing the two dreams down into the notes in on my phone. I also felt the need to share this with you guys. The first dream I had  was a symbol of my future only because the things that happened in that dream I do not have in my life yet. The second dream would be the things that happen to me now but not really kinda just similar things that happen to me in a way. 

( Disclaimer : I did fix the spelling errors but it may not make sense to you but I wrote these in the way that I remember them )

  I had a dream that their was a guy husband boyfriend I’m not sure but he was  playing video games in a weird car  but it had beds up stairs (where he was ) and it was in a small space, it had two big windows one on the right and one in the center the window remind me of a grey hound bus like the little area where you can sit by the window. Their was two kids they were young but old even to move and walk around ( reading this back is making me think that they were twins one boy and one girl ) up there as well I had a sense that they were our two kids. They were playing I’m not sure what they were doing but they were playing.  I remember going up to say hi to them ( I think I was just getting home) I gave the kids kisses except the guy playing video games I did not say anything to him atleast I don’t think I did. I guess we must have been parked outside our home and out of no where someone or something evil snatched our home. Everything went dark it was like we were in space and all I can see is the home and the space that we were in. The house had a wired obcycle around it, was as if that evil thing did not want me to have it. The grass turned to ice, the bulid of the home stayed the same, The path from the house at the end (where it ends at the side walk) extended, the end turned to broken pices of the floor halfway, the other half turned to ice.  The guy stayed with the kids and I went to go get the home back. And I won the home back some how I did ( a part I did not get to see that part in my dream maybe it was on purpose). After that I  went back to the space were the kids and the guy was in to put the kids to bed. As I was putting the kids to sleep I notcided that their was a third kid she was older than the other two she had to be around 7 or 6 I do not know if she was mine but she was sleeping with the kids ( I did not get a sense that she was bad or anything so I left her alone). After I put the kids to sleep my dream ended. 
My second dream 

   I was in my parents room looking for allegy medicine. And my mom and Morgan ( my niece) came into the room. My mom was yelling at Morgan, she was not crying or at least I could not hear it. she also had hair stuff in her hand comb, brush , spray bottle,etc. She was getting ready to do morgans hair. She had three Combs in her had that she tossed on the bed I looked back as I was exiting the room to see my comb in her hand but my comb was not regular it looked like it broke and there was bandages wrapped around the handle. Witch is strange because I have a feeling that I used it the night before. So I asked her why did she break my comb and we started agruing other people walked in the room but I do not know who they were I did not look at their faces. I only saw them through my eagle eye.  They were not kids they we’re almost my height. So we’re arguing and some how we got on to the discussion that what if I was to break your stuff how would you feel. I think she through her glasses at me or on the bed but I had them in my hand and I slammed them on the floor  I was showing her what it was like to break her stuff  just how she broke mine. She strangely turned into someone else she did not look like my mom I’m a little bit darker than my mom witch makes me think that it was me like my mom formed into my body and some guy came into the room and a whole lot of there people did too. the room turned into a party sceen and a whole new but location but hapf the room was still my parents room. No one looked at me nor were they paying attention to me it what was happening it was like they can not see me she told me to stop fighting with her because a guy that she like came into the room so she apologized I don’t know if I did the same or not but I walked out the room and my dream ended.  Reading this back I feel like I turned into my mom and did it back my child… When I was a kid I had a incident with my mom about my hair and that day stuck with me to this present day. I feel like that dream was telling me I repeated it or that apology was to help me let it go. 

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