Habit that I wish I did not have 

Happy Tuesday!!!

A habit that I wish I did not have would be Self sabotage. I tend to do a lot of that in my head, for example

I was at work and the time that I was working the store was very and it was very overwhelming. It became time for me to go on my break, Before I take my breaks I usually like to get whatever task I am working on done before I go on my break so I can start my next task. I was recovering ( recover is when you refold a table or put close back on the rack) women coats witch is the worst place in the store coats are always on the floor,hangers are always everywhere. But anyways as I was recovering getting ready to finish up my section my manager came up to me and asked me if I can recover a table before I leave. Well the table was on the other side of the room and I was not done with my section yet so I started to rush to get it done. I ended up finishing my section, I went to the section my manager waited me to be in I recoverd one table in that section then I went on my break. As I was eating it came to me that I did not tell my manager that I was going on break and then I will come back and finish the section. I started to expect that my manager would be mad at me for not finishing that section. I thought the worse, I thought when I went back from my break that I was in trouble

I went back and I was not even in trouble he was not even there….he went on his break right after he told me my task…. I was freaking out for no reason. This all happened the first week that I started working  so I was brand new and being extra.

That’s just an example I tend to make every “situation” seem worse in my head. But in reality it is not even bad. Self sabotage is a really bad habit of my mine it’s not until recently I am able to clam down and remind myself that It is not as bad as I make it out to be or the fact that it was not bad from the beginning. I am not sure where I picked up this habit from or how I got it or who I get it from but I at least I am able to catch on to it now and I able to correct it.

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