Thinking about your future?|What characteristics do you look for in a guy or girl?

Hey guys and girls!

yesterday I was in the shower and as I was in the shower I randomly started thinking about my future.

I was thinking about my future children, my future husband. I have always wanted to have twins, when I was younger I saw signs of twins. I know that it is wired to hear “signs of” to some people it probably makes no sense but when I think about kids I always felt like I would have twins, like deep down I feel like I will have twins, back in elementary school I do not know if anyone else group of friends did this but we use to have conversations about having kids…… lol Some would say ” I want to have boy” or ” I want a girl” in that moment In my head I would think about twins but for whatever reason I never said it. so I would just say what everyone else says…..”boy and girl”. In my family there are four girls ( including me there would be four girls I am the fourth)  my first sister had a boy, my second sister had a boy, then they ended up getting pregnant around the same time. My first sister had a boy the second had a girl, this leaves my first sister with two boys, the second sister with a boy and a girl then later on my third sister had a boy.  I told you guys this because I feel like I can be the one who breaks the ice and still the crown by having twins lol I feel like I can really stand out. I am the youngest sister so It is my job the be the princess.

Now to mystery guy you know the guy you wish to fall in with and have kids with and him to have all the characteristic you would want him to have. We all know that something like that would never exactly happen. The guy you are made to be with may not have all the characteristic you wish him to have. A question popped up in my head

” What three characteristics you want him to have”

  1. My overall characteristic about myself would be my creativity. Everything I do revolves around being creative ( drawing, decor, clothing, photography, filming, editing, etc) I would like him to be creative. If he is not creative I do not see us lasting we wont having anything in common…how would we connect, how would we vibe. I would want someone who I can bounce off of were we can inspire each other.
  2. I want someone who has Self control someone who can control his emotions. Not perfect self control but control to a good extent. The number one thing you learn as you are growing up is self control I am 20 years and by this point 9 ( however old you are ) he does not have some type of self control he is most definitely not worth your time. Dating someone with no self control is like dating a child I would not want to date a child.
  3. He needs Confidence.
  4. I have always knew what I wanted in life or in general I feel as so he should Know what he wants in life or have an Idea. Show me that you have a plan and you are not doing things just to get by but because you love to do it and that you do those things with a purpose.

I listed 4 things but I do not think I ask for to much. everyone should have characteristic that they look for in a guy. Tell me if I am asking for to much also tell me what you look for in a guy what characteristic do you look for.

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