These past few days……

Hey guys & Girls

The last time I spoke to you was on friday……think. saturday I had to work, I had to get to work at 8am and clock out at 5pm so I got to work around 7:50am so I can clock out around 4:50pm. When I am at work I do not like to keep my phone on me I usually turn it off and keep it in my locker I do use it mainly because I am to busy so I just keep it in my locker. But not this time I forgot to do that. So by the time I was ready to clock out my phone was on 10%. I was really hungry after I left work luckily for me I work in a mall so I had plenty of option and places to eat at. So I went to Nandos and got myself a chicken cesar wrap with fries (do you guys eat their, if you have what do you eat) I was going to order wings and fries but I wanted something more fulfilling so I got that. After I got my food after waiting 20 minutes for it, I rushed home while the food was still warm (aka the fries), the mall is right next to the station so it was only a 2 minute walk, it was way to cold to sit outside to wait for the bus so I took the train. The station has really looooonnnnngggggggggggggggg steep escalator, I had 5 minutes to get down the stairs to catch the train so I pretty much ran down the steps. I do not know if any of you have ran down a escalator before? but after a while the steps no longer look like steps, the steps literally start to merge into one and its very deceiving to your eyes it looks like your going to trip but your not…its wired. I made it down the steps in time with two minutes to wait. I live one stop over from where I was I got to my station in five minutes, I live across the street from the station add two more minutes thats twelve minutes point is I got home pretty quick, as I was eating I realized my phone died, after I finished eating I went to my room took a nap. While I was sleeping my phone was charging, woke up from my nap ( I slept for five hours you probably would not call this a nap but to me this is what a nap is lol) I realized my phone barely even charged. I thought nothing of it and turned it on, while I was on my phone I saw that it was dying as it was charging! long story short my phone won’t charge so I have to get a new phone but I wont be able to get it until after friday so that sucks. Sunday I had to go to work at two got off at nine, nothing happened that day was pretty  boring I did not do anything just work and sleep. That is my update hope you guys are having a good day!.


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