Sooooo I know you have noticed that I have not been posting in a little while bad? I know. I wanted to be ahead by planning and typing what I want to post a month in advance. I have typed up a few post that are ready to be published that I think you all would like. I wanted my blog to be more relatable….just like how every blogger has that audience that they attract whether it is personality, life experiences, looks, so on and so forth. 

During my time off I was working so I was able to invest money into my blog. I already had a camera but I did not have a tripod. It is really hard to take pictures while holding a big camera trying to get the perfect angle, my hand would get tired while I held the camera, so my photos came out ok but I looked comfortable and its very noticeable lol. I got my tripod now all I need is spot lights.

I was also able to upgrade my blog plan I now own my blog No more adds from WordPress. Whirch is great becuase I am able to pick whay I feel you Guys would be able to benefit from. Im stilling trying to figure out a good color scheme and layout for my blog ( whitch I will love your feedback on) It you ever come on my page and it looks different so not be afraid to share your comments


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