8 cups of water in a week challenge

About the challenge 

Drinking eight glasses or more of water a day can benefit you in many ways, Water can clear out the toxins in your body, clear up your skin, the obvious to keep you hydrated, and so much more.

Now that we got that out the way.. lets to the point of why I am doing this challenge.

Why I am doing this challenge

In 2015 I was able to drink a lot of water everyday water was they only drink I would consume…..no not really I drunk juice here an there maybe soda time to Screen shot 2017-10-23 at 4.18.07 PM.pngtime but I was mainly drinking water. The begining of 2016 I stopped, I did not want water I was sick of there not being enough flavor it was so plain. so I stopped drinking it ..I always had a habit of drink juice and soda like it was water from my dad, so I definently went back into that habit.

I was eating a lot of ramen noodles (oodle an noodles) I was beging to notice that my skin was not glowing like it used to. As a kid I was not into eating candy and drinking soda as much as any other kid I did not really like sugar. So when I became a teenanger I was able to avoid acene. I was born one of those lucky people who are blessed to have clear I never had any problems with acene, I rarely get pimples.  I guess not consuming alot of surgar I was able to avoid. It runs in my family to get adult acene so I asumed that what was happening to me.

At this point it was the week of thanks giving I think it was a monday, I went to my doctors appointment. The doctor told me that I had high blood pressure, In my family it is inherited to have high blood pressure. If you were every to see me in person you think it is odd to hear that I have high blood pressure, I am a tall skinny girl. High blood pressure is something that you can change just by cutting the amount of salt you consume she also suggested I should drink more water. So I did buuuttt that only lasted until my next check up appointment lol ..The doctor said I was great everything was balanced so I went right back to my regular schedule lol.

Now in 2017 I drink my cups of water …some days I drink enough water that I feel my body needed like one or two cups of water a day. But it was not enough I was starting to notice that I was getting pimples, I had this one pimple on my forehead that would not pop I used acene face soap it helped a little bit but it still did not pop. I usally get one pimple time to time but this time I was getting three pimples at a time.

I was on youtube and someone who I am subscribed too did the eight cups of water challenge so I thought it would be something fun to do. So I am doing it lol.

I already had a water bottle which I got from Target it was about $20 the bottle is 24oz it holds 3 cups of water ( water above). write a ✔️ if you accept this challenge.

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