Answer question 1-36

I was on Pinterest searching for ideas for a blog post and I came across this pin 

So I thought it was a great way to get to know me and a conversation starter.

  1. Cèline
  2. 19
  3. Insects, Zombies, failing
  4. Art,food,my phone
  5. Intelligence,style,looks
  6. Stupidity,negativity,show off
  7. I do not know what you are asking
  8. Straight
  9. I never had a proper date I was never in a relationship it was more like a hangout.
  10. 5″11
  11. Old TV shows 
  12. Idk 
  13. Orange
  14. Maybe
  15. ” I’m like a shark I only swim forward never backwards” 
  16. My room
  17. Mac & cheese
  19. SZA CTL
  20. 9
  21. Brown
  22. Dark dark brown 
  23. Idk
  24. Yes
  25. I wasn’t thinking 
  26. Oh they skipped 26…
  27. Don’t have one to many to pick from 
  28. Right now would be drew barrymore 
  29. Don’t have one 
  30. Neutral
  31. Cèline
  32. Single
  33. Good
  34. Christmas
  35. I’m basic none

 if you made it to the end answer questions 1,36, 10 in the comment section 

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