Chapter 2 (24 hours later)

Yara stopped at the red light she watched as cars from the left to right drove past her. The seasom was transitioning from summer to fall, it was warm day, the leaves were changing colors from green, to red, orange, to yellow, A slight breeze moved the trees, as the trees moved the leaves fell, the street was quiet, all you can hear is the leaves moving, there was not one cloud in the sky, clear blue sky. All the cars slowed down and came to a stop as the light changed to red then turned green singally Yara to go. There was trees covering the entrance all you can see is a road that drove up a hill. The nieghborhood had a mixture of homes, town homes and apratments the further you go into the nieghborhood.

“Nicki wake up..were here” Yara shoved Nicki twice, Nicki woke up and sat up in her seat.

” Were here” Nicki said as she let out a big yawn, wipping her eyes.

As they drove through the neighborhood they saw kids playing, people walking in and out there buildings, people going for walks. Yara parked at the parking lot for the neighborhood main office. Yara and Nicki unbuckled there seats belts and got out the car. Yara opened the back to get out a folder, the folder held all the important papers she signed. The office was in a two story building, The building was made out of red brick.  When yara and walked down the steps to enter the building but the building needed a code “Maybe we have to walk around to the back” Nicki suggested “let’s try that” yara answered back.

they both turned around and followed the sidewalk that lead to the back of the building. Along the sidewalk followed a street, When they turned the corner there was apartment buildings the road continued into a round about there was two buildings the long building was broken into section one side was the left entence to the building the other half was the right entrance of the building, all the buildings were two story apartments and they all looked alike, they all were red brick, the same size proches and windows. A path way connected to the sidewalk to the porch of the office, they walked on the path and through the sliding door.

“Hello” Yara said as she walked in after Nicki ” hello welcome” a lady said as she walked down the hallway to greet Yara and Nicki.

” My name is Yara “ Yara stuck her hand out for a friendly hand shake

” Im Nicki” Nicki said shaking her hand as well

” Im Ema” Shaking there hands ” What I do for you today”

” were moving in today”

” Oh yes I will go get someone to assist you, you can come with me Nicki feel free to have a snack”

They both walked to the back, Nicki took her offer and grabbed a bottle of water and a bag of chips. She sat at a round glass table that had three black chairs. The office used one of the apartments and turned it into a office. By the door they had a display of the blueprints of each apartment the apartments rages from one bedroom to a three bedrooms, Yara and nicki got a two bedroom apartment. In the office the living room had one orange three seater couch, on both side of the couch two glass end tables both had a lamp with a small bowel of mint candies, Infront of the couch was a brown wooden coffe table with five magazines on it, Next to the dinning table was a table with water bottles and snacks on it.

” What I we do is drive to your building show you the code and give you the key”  ” ok” Nicki heard her mom and someone else walking out the room coming towards her ” who is this” the lady said shaking Nicki hand

” Im Nicki im her daughter” Nicki answered the women hand on a blue dress, her hair was pulled back into a slick bun, she hand on a lot of make-up, she even sneakers with her dress Iguess her feet hurt.

” I am going to show you your new home” The lady said as she let go of Nicki hand and headed towards the door, She opened the front door Nicki and Yara followed her to the parking lot where the cars was parked.  Yara followed the lady as she drove through the neighborhood to the apartment. They went down the hill then back up to the top of the hill the road went down into a dip then back up along the were more apartment buildings. When they turned out of the parking lot were the office was located there was two apartments across them, they made a left turn and saw more, One apartment building was sitting on a hill the building faced the street the were driving on.  A parking lot sat in fornt of the building with bushes boarding it. The left of the building had a small path that led to the pool, field, office, another entry and exit to the neighborhood, On the other side of the building was a small little field that lead to a big filed on the other side of the small filed was two apartment buildings in between the builds was a small dog park and a small park for kids, on the right was a path that lead to two apartment buildings which is where they lived. The back of the two apartments faced the woods. In the woods you can see a small stream beside the woods was a train yard.

” Is this where we live” Nicki said sounding interested but not excatly.

” yes this is our building” Yara said as she parked the car. They both got out the car and walked towards the lady.

” this is your building you will get to face the woods you will have a lot of privacy”

” thats a plus” Nicki said as they walked down the steps to the door

” your code is 24567 this code you will use to get into the building” the in side of the building the stair case and doors were building the sides were brick

” This is cute mom” Nicki said to yara on the left there was a white round mirror under the mirror was a little white table, on the table was a balcony of flowers. They walked up the steps to the second level there door was on the right hand corner. When they walked in the carpet was all white so was the walls, the living room was a decent sizes, there was a big window with a sliding door that lead to the balcony. Nicki stood on the balcony looking aroound across from her was another apartment building.  As Nicki looked around she came across a old man looking right at her. ” creepy” Nicki said under her breath The old man continued to stare at nicki even though she saw him, he had no emotion on his face it was as if he was looking right through her. The old man was sitting on his porch in his rocking chair. Nicki turned around and went back in “That was fucking wired” 

” everything ok Nicki” Yara asked sounding concerned

” umm Yeah I was just looking at the view” Nicki replied

” isn’t it nice” The lady said joining the conversation

” Yes it is” Nicki continued her tour by walking to the kitchen. The dinning room was across the from the kitchen, The living room had a ceiling lamp along with shelves to store stuff, The kitchen was the only room that was blocked off there was a island that opened up the wall above the island was more sheleves. The interior of the kitchen was all white with black counter tops. The halway was next to the kitchen when your first enter the halway , on the left was a broom closet, A little was down the halway was the coat closet, next to that was a bathroom, across from the bath room was Nicki room, Nicki room had two cloesets, down the hall was Yara room was, Yara room was the master bed room she also had two walk in cloesets with a bathroom inside of her room. ” MOM I LOVE THIS” Nicki yelled from her room. She opened both of her closets looking in the both of them.

” glad you like it” Yara and the lady said at the sametime they stood in the livingroom waiting for Nicki to finish her tour.

” well ladies I will get out your way here are your keys enjoy your stay if you need anything here is the number to the office you can come on down down if you need anything” she put the keys on the table, shaked both of there hands then walked out. Yara turned to nicki

” we did it “ Yara said as she grabbed nicki to give her a hug.


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