Story Time

Every girl gets there period when they get to a certain age if your 19 then you have plenty of horror stories about your period, if you have not gotten your period ….its coming. I know I have plenty if stories about mine sadly there is more to come. I got my period today, every season my cycle changes now that it is fall I get mine every two weeks ……..TWO WEEKS. Sigh. My period tracker is still stuck on my summer cycle so I did not get the warning so it kinda came at random this reminded me of one of my past period horror events witch is why I am telling you my horror story. I thought it would be something funny to share and maybe helpful to someone. So here is my story its not embarrassing mainly because its something that happens to your body that you can not control.

This takes place when I was in High School I think I was in 10th grade, I do not remember the season so I am going to guess it was in november. I was in 3rd or 4th period wearing a T- shirt and black leggings. I was in class sitting by the door in the second row in the 3rd seat. Usually when I start my period I get symptoms two weeks in advance before I start my cycle. During those two weeks I have a series of mood swings, the very next week I get painful cramps (the type of cramps where you have to sit down because you can not move), Then the week after I get my period…..But this time around…… your girl ignored the signs!😂 Do not ignore your signs you are going to. Pay. For. It. I find it helpful to have the period calendar tracker app on my phone.


To track my period I use “My Calendar” app or you can use any app I just like that one because its pink. In the app you can

  • take notes(moods, weight, fever, birth control, etc)
  • get alerts
  • edit and details

But at that time I think ignored the notification or I just must have downloaded the app but I did not have any information on it or I proably just like I said… ignored it. Back to the story I was sitting down writing what was on the broad. I honestly did not feel anything like cramps, anything wet, I did not even smell anything, there was no feeling at all. The bell rang for the next period so I started to pack my stuff up to leave the classroom, I got up and just felt the need to randomly looked at my seat so I looked at my seat to see a little bit of blood. You barely see anything but you can deffinetly tell that the seat was red, I remember thinking to myself “SHIT” I did not want blood on my clothes or on the seat plus blood is hard to get off your clothes and I need my forever 21 black leggings. I quickly put my book bag, binder…..whatever else I had in my hand down. I walked over not sprinted, jogged, but walked over to the tissue box. I then grabbed a tissue from the tissue box and whipped my seat and left the classroom. I hope no one saw me I don’t think anyone did no one said anything. If they did I would not care its something that natural happens to EVERY female all males should know about this. But then as I am leaving the classroom Someone says ” someone had there period there is blood on the seat” I just kept walking no one called for me and I was not going to make it obvious. Of course after I notice that my period started I went straight to the nurse office to get pads.

 note: after I got the pads I got cramps….odd.


In the girls bathroom they never had the little department were you store your pads in it always depended on what part of the school you are in. Witch be requirement to have it in all stalls. It was always located in certain bathrooms instead of all girl bathrooms in the school. Does any one else have that issue comment down below I am curious to know, also do you have any period horror stories comment down below as well. if you made it do the end of this story comment X.

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