If i was stranded in the middle of the ocean

If you were to be stranded in the middle of the ocean and the only thing you brought with you was your book bag what ten things would you put in your book bag?

…How you got stranded in the ocean… 

It was a friday evening, it was 10:30pm and you were on the phone with four of your friends. You guys were talking about your road trip to the beach tomorrow. You all agreed to leave at 7:00am to get to the beach by 11:00am one friend suggest to leave at 6:00am to get breakfast and the be  back on the road at 7:00am. You do not want to leave at 6:00am because that would mean you would have to wake up at 5:00am to be ready to leave at 6:00am. you were out numbered and ended up having to wake up at 5:00am.

… Next Morning… 

You woke up at at 5:00am got dressed brought all the bags you packed and sat them by the door.You waited and waited for your friends for a while, they finally arrived to your home at 6:30am. At 6:50am you get to IHOP you and your friends decided to take the food to go. You reach the highway by 7:15am you get stuck in traffic for 40 minutes. By the time you got on the bridge there was no more traffic your friend starts speeding, you notice the bridge has no bars to stop cars from going over the bridge. Your friend looks at her phone to check the map she doesn’t realize that the cars has stopped she looks up and slams on the breaks, She slams her breaks just in time to stop. Its now 10:30am and you back into traffic but you have arrived to the beach by 11:00am you are searching for parking spot. 11:10 you find a parking spot at 11:23am you and your friends find a spot on the beach and begin to lay out your beach blanket. 11:50am a guy comes up to you and ask if you and your friends wanted to come on a boat that they rented. You all agree to go on the boat 12:10pm you guys are at the car to put away some of your stuff . 12:30pm you guys get on the boat at 1:30pm everyone goes to the bottom of the boat to eat. 1:47pm the boys decided it would be more fun to move the boat further from shore. 2:02pm the boys realize the boat did not have enough gas to go back to shore, they tell no one. You and your friends decided to stay another hour. 4:00pm you and your friends are ready to leave the boys tell you there is no gas. 4:10pm someone calls for help but they won’t get to you until 12:00pm.

What Did you put in you book bag? 

Ten things I would put In my book bag

  1. My phone
  2. Phone charger
  3. Extra clothes
  4. Towel
  5. Wallet
  6. Chapstick
  7. Camera
  8. Water
  9. Snacks
  10. Headphones

What Did you put in you book bag?  comment down below


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