Faux fur bags

I was looking through polyvore when i came up with the idea for this post. If you do not know what polyvore is it is a fashion, trend, shopping website or app where there are hundreds of options of clothing brands, home brands, make up brands. you can create sets on there website or app with any of there items ( seen in photo above)
They have millions of items to choose from. I am on there website all the time i like to go on there & put together outfits. I was looking at the trending section on there website and saw  that Fur bags was trending. I am not really a big fan of fur bags but I thought these were really cute especially the black bag on the right hand corner.
I wouldn’t want to use fur bags on a daily basis to me there only made for a look not something you would actually want to use plus its obviously not real fur so you will have to deal with shedding, the fur getting dirty and the bag losing its shape. But fur bags does give your outfit a soft girly fashionable look that compliments your outfit.


links to purchase bags.

Shoulder hand bag
$24 – prettylittlething.com

Red handbag
$24 – prettylittlething.com

Charlotte Russe cross body

ALDO shoulder bag
$40 – selfridges.com

Crossbody purse

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