11 things girls go through

  1. Sweaty Feet 👣I hate going out somewhere wearing sandals & its 9 degrees outside & your fucking feet start sweating. Every time you walk your feet slid up or down your shoe when you stop walk your feet slid to the side.
  2. Nails 💅🏿you just got your nails done & your cleaning your room you lay your lap top on the table but you didn’t move your finger fast enough & your nail breaks or your nails chipped and you filed all the down to a short length. after a few months your nails finally start growing but you find on one hand the nails are longer & the other shorter.
  3. laugh 😂everyone laughs different but when a girl has a ” bad laugh”  she gets told her laugh needs to be cute, annoying, too loud, strange, too quite,etc which is stupid because you can’t change your laugh, its natural reaction your body has.
  4. Height ↕️If girls aren’t short there not cute or  just to manly…….stop you sound like a idiot.
  5. periods 🗓️When you on your period & you make sure you get the pad extra big & thick you got to bed with shorts & try your best to sleep in one position so you don’t get blood anywhere. Then you wake up the next morning to blood everywhere.
  6. Dress Code 👗👙👖👚 women have boobs & ass so everything you wear is always going to look “risky” even if you wear a T- shirt and jeans people are going to judge you for what you are wearing. If she wants to go to the mall  in a dress she is not over dressed.
  7. Having a voice  👸🏿🔈If a give speaks up for her self she is not a bitch.
  8. Bossy” She is not being bossy or a bitch she know what she wants & don’t want there is a difference.
  9. Shammed 👸🏿Its normal women can have guy friends you don’t just talk to guys when you want to date……..relax
  10. Hair 💇🏿all hair is good hair.


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