9 Velevet boots

Velvet is a huge fucking trend this year

On thing I don’t under  is why everyone wore  it in the summer……wouldn’t it be to hot but ok.

This fall velvet boots is trending!

buying shoes can be a bit pricey they tend to go up to $1,000….who the fuck is going to buy that shit I never spent that much on a pair of shoes the highest I ever spent was $50 I wasn’t even the one paying for it I know there might be some of you who do or did spend that much on a shoe I am not hating do you. I do know the more you spend the better quality of the shoe. I think $48 or $30 would be consider a good price I mean shit i am only wearing  the shoe in the fall and not on a daily basis. If you wear boots with or heels everyday your amazing. Especially the women & men who wear heels to the mall just wow you got balls.

but any way her are 9 velvet boots under $50.

Wide width booties
$48 – newlook.com

Bamboo chunky booties

New Look block heel booties
$41 – newlook.com

New Look zip boots
$41 – newlook.com

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