Hey guys welcome to Chit Chat this page is i post what I want to say, topics that pop up in my head. 

*disclaimer I have no filter*

Sense the beginning of September i have been coming down with a stupid cold. I kid you not on september 1st is when I  started to feel the cold i woke up feeling like shit. Don’t you hate that feeling you get when you sick?.. feeling you have weight sitting on you head or that sticky smell that only you can smell cause you asked your friend or anyone do i smell good, do you smell that and they tell you smelled….’fine” because ” fine” is a sent or that feeling or walking around looking like a zombie because you can’t your eyes all the way open for shit. But maybe that is all in your head so you ask your friend that same friend that said ” fine” was a sent

” Do i look ok”

“you look ok”

All while not giving eye contact, She/He didn’t even look up at you

  1. Your sick
  2. You feel like shit
  3. proabely look like shit too
  4. you think your shit
  5. your friend isn’t giving you real answers or helpful at that
  6. And the fact that your friend told you that you look ” ok” not attractive,pretty, alluring,handsome, prepossessing…but “ok”

not even a quick glance now your confidence is lower then what it already was Thanks friend love you but🖕🏿.

Witch friend are you?

I am both

But on a serious not i am the type of person who gets sick every time the weather  changes on top of that i have allergies so it just all bad, I am not able to her anything so your having a full conversation with your self… sorry, Throat hurts, throats dry i drink lots of water and it is still dry what the fuck, eyes are watery, Can not keep my eyes wide open, Im sneezing everywhere and coughing to. It gets  fucking worse when all of this happens on your period 🖐🏿👋🏿🚶🏿‍♀️. But i am lucky this all doesn’t happen to me until Friday September 22nd of 2017 witch is 4 days from now. SO i have 4 days to prepare for this shit show.

I have many stories embarrassing stories of me being sick if you want to hear any of them leave a comment down below also do you get sick when the weather changes leave a comment down below.


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