Unfortunate Events

Hey guys, Here is where i will be posting stories

Every Thursday i will post series. Tuesday i will post short stories. I put together this post to give background information like character names,there relationships with one another. Short stories will not have one. There will be 15 chapters in this story. The last week of December will be the end of the book until the 2nd book that will start on January 4th 2018. the first chapter will be posted on September 21st 2017 at 8:00. I figured i should post late to give you night read before you go to bed. At the end of every story feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment.

List of characters 

  • Yara ( Main Character )
  • Nicki ( Yara daughter )
  • Janelle ( Nicki friend )
  • Josh ( Yara new boyfriend )
  • Andre ( Josh son )
  • Kat ( Andre ex ) Que, Gabby ( the popualr girls )
  • Mic ( Josh friend )
  • Ms. Penny ( josh friend  & Mic wife )
  • DR ( Bus driver )
  • Old Man ( Creepy old man that live across from Yara & Nicki )

About the Characters

  •  Yara is the main character Yara is 29 year old black women, Yara is tall, slim, Beautiful with natural hair. She has a daughter named Nicki. Yara had Nicki in her previous relationship. Yara wanted a divorce but her ex husband did not want a divorce. Yara found out that her ex husband was using her for fame. Her threatened her telling Yara that he will ruin her image. Yara  ignored  her ex husband and proceed with the divorce.  Yara ex husband changed all the passed words and made everything in his name so that Yara did not have any access, He also went to blog sources made up lies about her so the public will turn against her. Yara was in love with him she did not want any problems, the money nor the house she just wanted out of the relationship to find happiness. Yara was a childhood actress who got sick of the fame she was tired of getting bashed over lies that he told the public. Yara decided she wanted a new life for her and her daughter. She packed up her stuff and moved to a small town.
  • Nicki is Yara daughter she is 17 years old, a junior in high school. Nicki is tall, slim,  cute, and also has natural hair. She grew up in the spotlight. All her friends were celebrity kids they grew up together , they all went to school together, their parents were close friends. Nicki is used to everyone being open to meeting her and just wanting to get to know her. She got along with everyone it is easy for Nicki to make friends, Nicki is very out spoken. all that changed when Nicki found  out her mom (yara) was divorcing her dad. Nicki immediately took her (Yara) mom side. Nicki and her mom ( Yara) moved to a small town where people were not so open to meeting Nicki the new town was not what she was expecting.
  • Janelle  Grew up in the small town Janelle does not have many friends Janelle keeps to her self. That is until Janelle meets Nicki, brought out things Janelle did not know about herself, Nicki helped Janelle speak up for herself, become more out going and more confident in herself.
  • Kat, Que and Gabby Are the popular girls, Kat graduated high school before her friends. Kat is a freshmen in college. Que and Gabby are seniors in high school. they all grew up in the small down. Janelle, Kat, Que and Gabby were all friends when they were kids until they were in middle school they started to  bully Janelle. Kat used to date andre they broke up because she became obsessed with him. Gabby and Que follows were ever Kat goes and does.
  • Andre  Is a freshmen in college is studying to become a lawyer. He is also Josh son. Andre is 20 year old a tall black man. girls like him because he has the cutest smile. Andre is a very chill guy who cracks jokes here and there but knows when to get serious. Andre is hard working and very mature. Andre grew up in the small town everybody know Andre.
  • Josh  Is a 30 year old man he works as a detective who has a son named Andre. they live in a good size home made for the two of them. there home is set up like a bachelor pad, Josh worked hard to make a good home for Andre. Josh kicked his ex wife out because she was becoming toxic to the family. Josh left his wife took Andre with him and made a promise to give him a better life.
  • Mic Is a 32 year old man who keeps himself clean. He owns the neighborhood grocery store and who also is a barber. Mic and Josh are best friends, they both grew up in the small town, they have been friends sense they were kids. Mic is married with 3 kids one 20, 10 and 5.
  • Ms. Penny is Mic wife she  is a black women who wears her hair straight. Ms Penney is a teacher at the local high school. Ms Penny teachers english, she is Nicki and Gabby teacher.
  • DR is the neighborhood bus driver. He drives the main bus that connects the town to the near by city.
  • Old Man He is Yara and Nicki Neighbor who lives in the building across from them who stares into there home.He is the oldest man in the town. Old man never spoke a word he just stares. Nobody knows why he never speaks they just ignores him.

About this story

The title of this story is Unfortunate Events,This story is about a women named Yara who was a childhood actress who got married to a man who did not love her. During there marriage they had a daughter named Nicki, Yara found out her husband was using her for fame,  Yara decided she wanted to divorce him. Yara ex husband threatened to ruin her image if she divorced him. Yara ignored his threat and proceeded with the divorce. For 6 months Yara was bashed by the public. It got to the point Yara did not feel safe anymore. Yara gave up her life of the rich and the famous for a simple life. Hoping that her life would get better to find it only got worse.

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